How to Boost Your Social Media Traffic

Throughout the world, there are billions of people who are active on social media every day! Social media is among the tools that will help your blog attract traffic and conversions. In fact, market researchers insist that social media has great potential and it will elevate business outcomes.

However, just incorporating social media as a marketing strategy for your site may not work unless you go the extra mile. To boost your social media traffic, there are ways to win and leverage social media. Social media allows you to interact with prospects and customers on social media which is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on.

There are more than one billion active participants on Facebook, 320 million monthly users who are active on Twitter, and 414 million registered users on LinkedIn. These numbers are clear evidence that there is plenty of opportunities to increase your social media traffic and connect with a massive audience.

There is a high likelihood that you are already on social media in some sense, the only difference is, you haven’t been able to leverage it to generate positive results and social media traffic for your website. No worries. If you are looking to build your brand, generate social media website, and use social media to boost sales, here are some of the tips you should use:



Create Content That Works and Amplify it!


Boosting social media traffic and increasing your conversion rates is highly dependent on the kind of blog content you create. Your optimization techniques will always be ineffective if the quality of your content is low. Therefore, you need to make sure that you share only top notch quality.

Including creating incredible content, try and make the content long. Longer post and more words have a great chance of gaining the top position in search engines. Therefore longer post will also increase your social media traffic.

However, if you want to get people to share the content you create on their social media platforms you need to consider quality over quantity. Length is good, but it needs to be informative and interesting. A high-quality blog is much better than many long contents that are subpar.

You also need to find out what people are interested in. Keep track of your posts’ analytics data and see what is attracting more people. This will help you find out what your audience is interested in and create content around it to increase social media traffic because people will share it all over social media.

Taking cue of what your readers share on their social media will help you realize the topics that get the most shares on social media. However, keep in mind that value is what attracts social media shares. So if you make sure your content is of high-quality, everything else will fall into place.




  • Use Visual Content

By nature, social media is designed for image-based content. Therefore, visual content will attract more social media traffic compared to simple text-based posts. So while you major on the written post, make sure to regularly include videos, GIFs, images, vines and any other forms of visual content.

For you to leverage social media traffic, you need to understand the value of unique, high-quality, and actionable content. Making a habit of adding images within your posts will help you leverage both written and visual content to increase your social media outreach

Stats have shown that image-based posts tend to attract more engagement on social media platforms. Videos and animated GIFs also attract a significant percentage of social engagement as well. You can use tools like Spruce and Canva to help you add images to your posts.

Images will help you drive the point of your content home, increase engagement, and keep your readers on your site for a while. Images also help you strengthen the advice you want to give while boosting your social media traffic.




  • Add a Social Media Sharing Plugin

If your content is unique and of quality, then you need to make it easy for people to share your content on their platforms. If you make sharing as easy as clicking the mouse, your audience will easily share your posts on social media.

Have at least two buttons of social media on the sidebar of your posts. This will make it easy for the reader to either click the button or share it with their followers within seconds. If your website has functionality, it will increase your social media traffic. Therefore, find social media sharing plugins that suit your blog and budget.




  • Implement Tracking Tools

Chances are once you start gaining social media traffic, people will start sharing your content and you will gain more followers. Therefore, it is crucial that you constantly track your site’s performing. This will help you find out which platforms are sending the most traffic, how much social media traffic your site is getting, and the content that is performing well on social media.

Implementing tracking tools on social media will make it easy for you to supervise your progress. A tool like Dasheroo helps you see how many sources of traffic you have, and use it to increase your social media traffic.

Learning your traffic sources allow you to put more effort in them. You will also be able to tell the type of content that is attracting more shares and driving social media traffic to your site. This will allow you to push that kind of content for your social media strategy.




  • Include a Click to Tweet Link

We all know that Twitter is an incredibly powerful platform, it has 320 million active users monthly. Facebook may also have as many users but Twitter creates a wider scope to attract plenty of social media traffic.

There is a benefit that comes with relying more on the functionality of Twitter. Adding a “click to Tweet” button on your blog to increase social shares. The button will give your audience the push they need towards the right direction.




  • Use a Social Media Friendly Structure For Your Website

The structure of your site should have a direct impact on your audience just like your content. Your site’s structure will encourage more social media shares and attract more followers. Unless your social media encourages visitors to share your content, you will not boost your social media traffic.




  • Use Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

By now you must have noticed that people on social media are a ‘hashtags’ community. People use hashtags for their updates and social media posts because hashtags expand the chances of the posts reach new followers and reach a new audience.

Hashtags will help you create social media chats, discussions, and trends that are meant for wide-ranging purposes. If you are looking to significantly increase your social media traffic and the effectiveness of your content, use 1 or 2 hashtags in your posts. Hashtags will definitely drive more conversions and traffic.

Tweets with hashtags attract more retweets, replies, and favorite which in turn attracts engagement. The same goes to for other social media accounts. However, you need to limit the hashtags if you want to increase interactions on your posts. If you use many hashtags, the average interactions will fall down.




  • Use High Conversion Keywords

There are certain keywords that generate engagement on social networks. Keywords attract more shares or clicks and help you get more exposure hence gain social media traffic. If you use keywords intelligently in your posts and updates you can increase the effectiveness and visibility of your posts and sites.

If you are using Facebook, some of the high conversion keywords are When, Tell Us, Where, Submit, Inspire, Discount, Deals, Warns and Amuses. The keywords on Google+ include Promote, Share, Create, Increase and Discover. For Twitter, Follow, Retweet, New Blog Post, Social Media, Help, Check Out and Top. All you need to do is identify the keywords that work for your post.




  • Post Less Often


Unless you meet the highest quality standards in your post, then it could be safe to post each time you have fresh content. However, you should be aware that your number of social shares will decrease if your quality slips.

If you are looking to boost your social media traffic, you need to consider how often you post. According to a HubSpot study, posting often on social media platform doesn’t mean your level of engagement will increase.

Eventually, you will find out what strategy works for you, but before then limit your post to a small number per week.




  • Ask!

Sometimes all you have to do to boost your social media traffic is ask! The key is to get your audience and more people to share your content through social media outlets and platforms and there is nothing wrong with asking them to do so.

You can do this by sneaking in a click to share or tweet at the end of your post or telling them to feel free to share it on Facebook and Twitter if they enjoyed the post. If you have key influence in your niche, you can email them and ask them to share the post. You can also blaze your own path by starting the conversation on social media.





Plugins You Can Use To Boost Your Social Media Traffic

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Increasing social media traffic means more social shares, more followers, amplified content, and much more. Here are some of the social media plugins that will help you raise the social media traffic to your website.




This is the perfect tool for social sharing optimization of your site, and is an extensible social share media that’s free. Mashshare also comes to add-ons for Google Analytics Integration, Velocity Graph, Responsive Design, Mobile Sharing Optimization, and much more.

It also has simple sharing functions like Facebook Likebar, Sharebar, Mash Networks, Google Analytics Integration, Pageviews, Mash Responsive, VideoPost Add-On, Performance Widget, LikeAfterShare, Floating Sidebar, Select and Share, and Click to Tweet.




If you are looking to drive social media traffic and boost social shares then this could be the best plugins for you. Social Warefare has in-post sharing options that make it one of its important features, and it allows you to share custom tweets, upload Pinterest images, and make it work with Bitly. It has nice looking buttons and it allows you to choose different colors and styles.

Social Warfare also adds UTM tracking to all shared links which makes it easy for you to have a thorough analysis of your social data. It also prevents other users from putting their personal content on your content when they are sharing it.




Monarch encourages your readers and visitors to share your post and grow your social media traffic as a result. It has five sharing locations with display settings like inline sharing links, floating social sidebar, media sharing, fly-ins, and social sharing pop-ups. It also allows you to add your preferred sharing buttons to various places like mobile sites.




This plugin is free, simple, and functional. Sumo makes it easy for your audience to share your posts and join your email. It also displays important statistics. It has tools like share button, pop-up to build email subscriptions, welcome mat, image sharer, and heat maps to track click behavior.

The best thing about Sumo is the fact that it integrates with email management software, like Aweber and MailChimp. You can also adjust it to appear on any of your pages at any chosen time interval.




This plugin is very responsive. It allows you to add sharing buttons for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing. It also allows you to choose the buttons that will appear on the pages, posts, custom post types, and media. WP social sharing also integrates with any theme and add text before the share buttons. It is simple to use, lightweight and doesn’t cost you a dime.




If you are looking for a great content amplification platform, Shareaholic is the plugin for you. It helps you grow your website and social media traffic, conversions, and engagement by highlight the relevant content. The admin includes helpful affiliate linking and displays content recommendations at the end of each post.

It has share buttons for posts, share buttons for images, follow buttons, and floating share button. It also breaks down specific posts and social networks because it has social analytics. The best thing is that it’s also free and easy to use.




If you use WordPress for your site, this plugin perfectly integrates social media with it. It offers a platform that allows you to add any possible feature to aid your social sharing plugin. The good thing is the buttons look good and have customization options and analytics.

Since the easy social share buttons already reveal the name of the buttons, it doesn’t slow down your website. Adding this plugin will help you see your social media traffic increasing.




Whether on the web or native apps, this plugin gets people to the right place to share or save your content. It instantly reacts to clicks, taps, and many forms of device and input orientations. The best thing is that it has icons that are designed to load really fast everywhere you go. It provides sharing statistics within your dashboard by integrating it with Google Analytics.

Adding any of the above plugins to your site will boost your social media traffic that’s for sure. All you have to do is try them out and find out what works best for you. You can even switch them up if you want.




social media traffic


Boosting your social media traffic should be constant. There is always a temptation to stop trying when you gain a little traffic. Do not quit trying to increase your social media traffic unless you are happy with the results or your social media strategy is working perfectly.

If you make some of the changes we have outlined in this article, you will start to notice an increase in your social media traffic and conversions. However, while trying to boost your traffic, avoid being a spammer.

If you post too much, your followers may get bored or start complaining that you are sharing too much. While these strategies will help you gain additional clicks and conversions, you don’t want to make people ignore your posts and tweets because it’s too much.

Before sharing your content consider your followers because your social feed is not for you, but for them. If you can, create a schedule rather than crowding the feeds with posts at once. Start watching your social media behaviors and don’t do anything that you personally wouldn’t like.

How would you take it is someone spams your feed with posts? You’ll probably not like it. Instead of posting too much, focus on providing valuable content. The aim is to double, or even triple your social media traffic, therefore, it will be beneficial if you develop a social promotion schedule that works for you.



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