How Can Writing Blogs Generate Profits?

When you just start out writing blogs, it can be an enticing journey at first. However, in most cases, beginner bloggers become reluctant and become inconsistent. For some, it’s because they began blogging as a hobby and others were looking to make money from them, and get disappointed at some point, so they give up.

Bloggers who love blogging on their favorite topics look for ways they can generate money from their blogs. Writing blogs can be fun, however, it would be more fun if you made money while doing it. The minute you decide that you want to make money from writing, your blog becomes more of a business then a hobby.

To generate profits from writing blogs, you will have to flow through blogging with commitment and as your lead income generator. This is because you will have to invest time and do whatever it takes to make the blog profitable. Here are some of the ways writing blogs can generate profits for you:



  1. Write on Topics You are Passionate About

The biggest mistake most people make is blogging only to make money, and I must admit I made this mistake first also. If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to make sure that you blog about a topic you really enjoy and a topic you will still write years after starting a blog.

The most satisfying way to make money from writing blogs is to make sure that you are getting money from writing topics you’re passionate about. The biggest tip I can give is to make money grow naturally out of the topic at hand.

For example, if you are passionate about DIY and you start blogging on topics revolving around that, you could eventually sell some of your DIY products. Selling the products will be a satisfactory benefit from something you love doing!

If you are passionate about preschool and you start writing blogs around that topic, you could eventually sell preschool curriculum. If you only started a blog just to make money, chances are your content will end up being mediocre and the readers or visitors will get bored or burned out.



  1. Make The Content Useful

If you have a blog, and you are already blogging on topics you love, then all you have to do is make sure that the content you publish on your blog is useful! Make sure that the posts you are writing draw from your personal experiences and expertise. Also, make sure that the content is excellent.

Most readers tend to respond positively to blogs that solve some of their problems, helps them relieve some of their fears, blogs that teach them something new, explain how they can reach specific goals and also entertain them.  Whatever topic you choose to focus your writing on, make sure it offers either of the niches.

However, you also need to make sure that content is useful enough to attract traffic. You will only make money from writing blogs if you have readers and visitors. Therefore, the more valuable the content is, the more likely you are able to attract traffic and make money.



  1. Pick a Niche

However appealing it may seem to blog about topics you are passionate about, writing anything that comes to mind may affect your money making efforts negatively. It is more advisable to pick a general topic, a topic that will define what your blog is all about, this means that you have to choose a niche.

Picking a niche will allow you to stay on the right task and make it easier for potential readers to track your blog posts. You may think that you don’t need the direction and focus, but if you are looking to make profits from writing blogs, you need a niche more than you know it.

A niche will allow you to make the purpose of your blog easy to define and understand by you and your visitors and readers as well. If the topic you prefer to blog on is too broad, make sure you can be able to have subtopics to narrow it down. You also need to evaluate and consider whether the niche is already saturated.

The days are gone where you could just pick any topic and roll with it. In this generations, some niches are fully occupied and can be difficult to break in. This means that you may want to rethink your topic if you find out that popular blogs are writing on the topic.

However, a popular niche means that there is a popular market for it. This means that it may not be such a bad idea to join the niche. If you want to sail with the main players, take your time to watch their tactics then come up with something more unique and fresh if you ‘re going to thrive in that niche.



  1. Build Relationships With Others Around the Web and on Social Media

Once you have gained ground on your content and a niche, you should start building sincere and genuine relationships with other bloggers within your niche around the web and on social media. But first, you need to determine which sites you will use since there are so many out there.

If you want to choose specific sites to use, you need first to find out who your ideal audience is and where they are most likely to hang out on social media platforms. If you choose to blog on business topics, then platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are your best bets. If you focus on DIY, then Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are the best choices for you.

Once you identify your excellent social media platforms, start being active on the platforms. Look for other bloggers within your niche, join the same Facebook dreams, comment on their posts and join some of the forums they are in.

You can also start or find mastermind groups or reach out to the bloggers within your niche by tweeting them. Look for bloggers who are already making money from writing blogs and could potentially provide you with the information you might find useful.

Once you identify some people you would be interested to work with, take time to know them, interact with them, help, and also be friendly. If they get to know you and even trust you, they will spread the word about you. They will allow you to guest blog on their site, and they can also share your post on their social media platforms which will attract more readers and eventually more traffic.



  1. Build a Trustworthy Reputation and a Strong Platform

If you want to make your reputation trustworthy, make sure that your craft speaks for itself. You want your post to become increasingly more valuable and deeper. Use your blog to build authority, get exposure, be helpful and gain trust.

Making money from writing blogs will be highly determined by how well the posts represent you, how they make your visitors see you and the kind of experience the readers will get from your site. Part of your branding as a blogger is determined by how you want to be known from your posts. So make sure your platform has a strong foundation and represents you well.



  1. Select Your Income Streams

Once you get the hang of the blogging and you begin to create incredible and unique content, built valuable relationships and considered how to build your reputation and platform all you need to do is look for streams that will generate income and profits for your blogs.






Income Streams That Generate Profits When Your Writing Blogs

writing blogs


Write eBooks

Since you already write on the blog, writing an eBook will be an easy step to take (you can check my eBook on mastering Google Analytics on my homepage). The easiest option is to reformat what you have written about in the past and turn it into an eBook. If you have built a strong and trustworthy reputation with your audience, they will easily, and gladly buy the eBook even though they could get the information for free.



Write an Actual Book

You could also use your blog as a stepping stone to writing an actual book that can be printed and published. If you can build a larger audience and readers and you can get them to buy your book, you will gain a lot of income and authority from the sellout.



Have a Membership Site

If you are looking to make money from writing blogs, having a membership site might be the right option if you are not a big fan or writing books. Membership sites can have either premium or exclusive content that your reader won’t find on the blog and will have to pay to gain access to the content.

Profits will add up quickly once readers start to join as members. The best thing about a membership site is that you will be able to reap the benefits every now and then without having to setup the membership site over and over again.



Start Offering a Service

You can leverage your topic of interest and launch your own service business related to your niche. You could opt to be an interior designer or social media expert. The services you offer will require you to offer them directly. This will eventually earn you a profit.



Create and Sell Courses

If your content is able to attract a significant audience that means that you are fulfilling some of their needs. Leverage on that and create a full line of courses based on your niche! You can have the courses in audio CD’s and DVD packages for those who can’t access them online.



Sell Something You Make

If your blog is more on DIY projects, you can start selling some stuff you made on the site. If you make handmade furniture and you like to write blogs on them, you can finally start selling them! If you have committed followers, it means that they already love what you have to offer so there is no reason you can’t start selling your own creations online.



Know Your Online Money Making Goals

If you want to make money from writing blogs, then you also need to have goals. Determine the targets you want to make on a daily basis and find out the average you can get per day. Once you decide to make money online, then you will realize the cash flow is essential.

You will need to have cash you can use to pay for the traffic, content, overhead, and much more. The same way you would put in the time for a monthly paycheck, you will have to do the same in blogging. Come up with a goal outline and work towards achieving it.

To become a successful blogger, you need to:

  • Look for the monetization strategies that will help you gain profit and income from writing blogs
  • Don’t see the blog as just your source of income. View it as a ‘home base’ you use to launch endeavors that generate income
  • Understand that blogging is a long-term venture and don’t expect to make money from it immediately
  • Be creative and resist the urge to copy from other bloggers. Focus on standing out and being different







You can also leverage on the season you are in to attract more readers. For example, if you are a new mom or have toddlers, you can focus more on sharing your survival tips. Devote your time to using your blog to share your experiences and encouraging others.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are writing blogs on topics that you hold dear. If you want to gain future profits, never underestimate the power of being passionate and channeling it out. It is much easier to attract readers when they can tell you love what you do. Find out what other bloggers in your niche are writing on and see if you can spice it up.

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