What Makes a Profitable Internet Marketing Blog

You finally managed to do everything you could to make your blog SEO-friendly, and in turn you have gained a high ranking on Google. After lots of work, you have come a long way in creating your forum, blog, simple website or online magazine! You have managed to make it fun, rewarding and straightforward and you have loyal readers in your niche.

Not only have you achieved your blogging goals but you are finally earning money from it. You probably in a position where you feel like your blog is helping around 3.5, more or fewer visitors every year. Creating the blog was simple, and you gained a sense of satisfaction and achievement when you started this journey.

However, engagements, shares, and likes no longer measure the success of your blog anymore. There is a benefit in awareness to customer acquisition and retention, as well as building brand loyalty. The right strategy is what makes a profitable internet marketing blog. Here are some of the strategies that make your internet marketing blog profitable:






Earning Money From a Profitable Niche and Your Targeted Traffic


Just because you have content for your blog, doesn’t mean that you are now set to go. It may be your duty to create informative, engaging, and sometimes entertaining content but that doesn’t mean that it will make you money. To make money, you need to find a profitable niche and also target the best web traffic.

Even if you have well-written content and the perfect blog design, you will fail to convert the effort into money if you fail to find the right niche. There are so many ways to find profitable niches on the internet. Here are some of the methods that will work best for you:




  • Go Where the Money is

There is a reason robbers rob banks because that’s where the money is. You should apply the same theory when looking for a profitable niche. It is fundamental business sense to look for industries that will advertise your product and make it gain loads of cash. The only reason advertisers invest that kind of money is only that their ads will bring back positive ROI.

You can use Google or Bing to try and finds a profitable niche. Google Keyword Planner will help you find the average price the search term’s average cost per click. It will help you find out how much you can earn per click and make you find out how you can make money through selling ad space.

You can also use commission junction to judge the profitability of the niche you are looking for. It allows you to see if there are any relevant merchants within that niche, if the merchants offer functional commissions, and if the merchants pay their affiliates.




  • Use Facebook

There is more to Facebook than posting status updates and sharing travel photos. Since it happens to be the largest social media, it can be a tool that will help you understand the niche you want to get into. Using Facebook, you will learn more about your target audience for your internet marketing blog, stalk your potential competitors, and also find an angle you can use to go about your niche.

You can use Facebook to find out some of the popular posts published by the pages Facebook suggests. You can find pages within your niche. Use the platform to find out what your competitors are using as marketing strategies. Facebook also allows you to find out the trending topics within your niche which then proves helpful when you want your posts to look trendy.

It will also help you to understand your target readers and see if you can provide a solution for some of their problems. If your audience is buying from your competitors, make sure you find out if you can be able to offer the same service or product.

Make sure you also find out why they are not buying from your competitor so that you can provide products or services that are much better. Make sure you do what they are not doing to make sure you attract the visitors they are losing. Also, use it to find out which posts are getting high engagement rates and write similar headlines.




  • Traditional Keyword Research

Traditional research at the beginning of an SEO campaign is very objective for internet marketing blogs; it helps you identify the keywords that are frequently searched and set you in the right direction. Finding the right set of keywords will help you spot new businesses opportunities and niches.

Frequently searched keywords mean that they have higher demand and hence higher supply. This is because the searcher’s intention results to buying intention. If more advertisers are looking at a singular search term, it will have higher commercial value.

You can use tools like Ubersuggest and Google Trends to interpret the data obtained and study the niche you are interested in. This will help you find out if you can directly sell ads to the merchants. The keywords will help you determine how much they are spending on advertisements.

To make your internet marketing blog profitable, it would be wise choose a big playing field in the niche you find a suitable niche because it has significant competitors and high demand target search. The money is always where the audience is.






Gauge Your Blog Traffic with What Your Audience Wants and Where to Find Them


If you want to make your internet marketing blog profitable, you need to have sufficient and targeted traffic. The most important key to achieving online success is by getting the targeted audience and offer them the information they need.

The only way to make money is if your blog gets sufficient traffic. To pull in for the targeted traffic you need to think social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and word of mouth as well. Here are some of the tips that will work well in making sure you attract the best traffic for your internet marketing blog:




  • Make Guest Posts

If you want to build blog readership and reach a targeted audience, then you should consider writing quality posts on other people’s blogs. Find a blog that has a vast social media following and real readers.

You can use tools like Buzz Sumo and Topsy to find the most popular influencers and blogs in your niche. Always check the comment section and see if the audience is interacting with the bloggers. Be aware of the readers you are writing to and make sure the content you write resonates with them.




  • Network with Other Bloggers by Crowd Sourcing Posts

Share social media followers’ attention with other bloggers within your niche if you want to make your internet marketing blog profitable. Using this strategy will make you get good results by garnering more comments and social shares.




  • Facebook ad

If you want to pull in new visitors, Facebook has proven to be the most cost-effective way to do it. However, with Facebook ads, you need to try out different ad versions and interests for you to succeed.




  • Promote Your Blog Post to Other Popular Websites

Find websites that will include your blog feeds into their syndication. Always make sure that your posts can link back to your old posts to draw the traffic you need.




  • Attend Conferences Hosting Bloggers within Your Niche

Such conferences will allow you to make new friends within your niche and promote each other’s work online.




  • Leave Blog Comments

Leave comments on other people’s blogs without spamming their sites. You want to leave your comments strategically so that people will be compelled to want to know more about you!




  • Give Out Freebies and Free Tools

Everyone loves free things. To give the public a reason to share your posts on social media and talk about you, you need to offer something in demand as a freebie. You want to make sure you gain traffic from it so make it count.  You can see where I do this on my freebies page on Drennon Marketing Reviews.




  • Take Advantage of Twitter

Many social media followers correlate with revenue directly. You need to focus on people on social media and engage them with your content if you want to grow your revenue and make your internet marketing blog count.

You can leverage twitter by tweeting frequently. This will allow your followers to click on tweet links and retweet. You can use Revive Old Post plugin to appear on their Twitter wall and interact with them on a personal level.

Connect with your followers on Twitter by sending them personal messages from time to time. You should also tweet trending hashtags, join popular conversations and respond to your followers’ tweets.






Find Influencers Within Your Niche and Partner With Them

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There are over 150,000 influencers on YouTube and Instagram alone. In most cases, these influencers have so many fans who trust their opinions! This could be anything, from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, fitness and other service and product choices.

Partnering with these influencers will allow you to spread the word about your internet marketing blog, create high-quality content, run giveaways, and review the service or products you offer. Influencer content happens to be among the highest converting content because the content talks about what to buy.

Make sure that you scout for an influencer who is a perfect fit with the brand. Make sure that they also match your brand regarding style, audience, and style. You also need to make sure that they like the products they are promoting.

You can find influencers out there who do not demand a significant amount of money per campaign. Find those who might post in exchange for cross-promotion, commissions, or even just try the products from your blog. As long as your brand is there, there is always a chance to find people to promote it.






Give Special Promotions


If you want your readers to spread the word about your internet marketing blog you need to make sure that you prepare special promotions that will make them want to invite their friends and family to participate in the contests or events for a price.

This will encourage your audience to participate, hence giving you a chance to measure the chirality of different types of events and track customer behavior. Send pre-written copies of the promotion to share when they share their referral links across their social media platforms.

People love promo codes and sales so you should leverage on that. They allow further behavioral insights of your audience and conversions. Always make sure that at the end of the promotion you reward your loyal fans with discounts codes.






Monetize Your Following

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At this point, you probably already have a following with healthy growth. If that’s the case, then you have to focus on monetizing them to make your internet marketing blog profitable. As long as the readers are engaged with your content, it is easy to convert them into your product’s consumers.

Make sure that most of your posts are product related and have strong purchasing rates. You can use social media tools like Curalate and Soldsie as third parties to align with your content strategy. A tool like Soldie allows your audience to purchase from Instagram and Facebook directly.

All they have to do is write a #sold comment or with the required hashtags and then you send them an email with the details. Since most of your audience is already checking out your social media feed, they can purchase the product from anywhere, which is right for you.

With a tool like Curalate, your Instagram becomes ultimately shoppable by a single feed click. It will allow you to link all your product photos to your e-commerce internet marketing blog. This will also increase the readability of your posts. All you have to do is add the link in your Instagram bio! Then click through rates and track sales from the Instagram photos.

Social media allows you to generate revenue from your social media platforms. Therefore, find social media selling tools that will enable you to quickly target customers who are already spending their free time on your feed.

Social selling will position your brand and produce conversion rates within the social media landscape. It also allows you to find additional values like increased follower reach and to collect emails since the customers will add their email addresses every time they register for the selling tools.

Allows you to measure the average of your audience on various social networks and track the sales on each social post in order figure out how many readers are converting. This will allow you to understand how much you should spend to gain new followers. This will allow you to create a budget for influencer marketing, growth marketing, and direct advertising for your internet marketing blog.






Leverage on YouTube Videos to Gain Sales and SEO


If you finally want to make your internet marketing blog profitable then, you need to join the YouTube community. Not only is it the world’s second largest search engine, but it also allows you to work with so many influencers. If you produce solid videos or find influencers who can make high-quality videos for you, you will be able to drive SEO and massive sales.

It has some CTA options that are easy to track and measure success from annotations in the video to the tracking links in the description box. YouTube can also allow you to sell your products using Shoppable ads directly using the videos you create on your influencers’ channel or your own channel.






Write an eBook


All you need is gather the knowledge you share on your internet marketing blog and recreate it in an eBook. Advancing to paid eBooks will build your authority in your niche as an expert giving you high rankings. Besides, it will also be a vast monetizing venture because you will sell them on multiple online platforms like Payhip and Amazon.

Ebooks are an excellent source of passive income when your just starting. They also make useful additions as lower-value offers to your sales funnel. All you have to do is make sure the content in your eBook is something valuable. Make sure that your content has an outline.  When I wrote my eBook, I tried to think of something everyone with an online business would need.  I decided to write an eBook on mastering the art of Google Analytics, which you can read a little more about on my homepage.

If you want to actually finish an eBook, you need to create time everyday. It doesn’t matter how long, just make sure you write. Once you have written your content all, you have to do it transfer it to a good looking eBook template. Pay someone to design the cover for you or do it yourself.







Having a blog is not enough. You need to make sure that your internet marketing blog is rewarding. Otherwise, all your efforts are not reaping any fruit. Once you have implemented the above steps, you will start to notice that your site is profitable.

Having a profitable internet marketing blog is what makes you stand out among competitors within your niche. Therefore make sure that you are in a profitable niche and your blog has high traffic. There are so many ways to make money online; you just need to find the channels that make your blog profitable.



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